QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP veröffentlicht Release Candidate QTS 4.1.0 RC

Lange schon wurde sie sehnsüchtig erwartet – die QNAP Firmware Version 4.1.

Nun endlich hat QNAP Release Candidate QTS 4.1.0 RC veröffentlicht. Das Change Log weist folgende Änderungen / Neuerungen & Fehlerbehebungen aus:

New Features (since 4.1.0 B1220)

– [App Center] Added the My Licenses category for license management.
– [App Center] Added the Public Apps category. Shortcuts of the apps in this category will show up on the photo-wall login screen.
– [General Settings] Added the Nepal time zone.
– [External Device] Ability to recognize and set volume labels (TS-x69, x70, x79 series only).
– [System] Supports sleep mode (TS-x69L, x69 Pro, x70, x70 Pro series only).

Enhancements & Changes
– Tuned up QTS performance
– [App Center] Renamed the QNAP Select category to QTS Essentials.
– [Storage Manager] Removed the option to format internal drives into the EXT3 file system.
– [Multimedia Management] The /Recording and /Web shared folders will not be scanned by default for multimedia applications.
– [Shared Folder] The /Usb shared folder can now be removed.
– Updated the NTP service to 4.2.7p26 (CVE-2013-5211 & VU#348126).
– Updated NTFS and HFS+ file system drivers.
– Updated the LAN driver (for TS-x59, x69, x10, x12, x19, x20, x21 models) for improved network connection quality.
– Supports new USB Wi-Fi adapters: netis WF-2111 & WF2120 and SAPIDO AU-4912, 4512S.

Major Bugs Fixed
– Unable to open PSD files if they are uploaded through AFP.
– Losing connection to NAS when creating Q-RAID 1.
– NAS may be unresponsive after HD Station installation.
– Unable to restart the system after virus scanning jobs are finished.
– NAS may fail to enter sleep mode if the media library is set to use “Real-time scan“.
– Scheduled power on fails after the NAS is powered off by scheduled.
– The media library may consume too much NAS CPU resource in some cases.

Limitation: HD Station & XBMC on TS-x69 Pro/L series are not yet supported.

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