QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP veröffentlicht QTS 4.1.0 Build0605

QNAP hat das finale Release QTS 4.1.0 Build0605 veröffentlicht. Folgende Änderungen & Neuerungen ergeben sich:

[Release note]
[Brand new apps] 
-Notes Station
-Signage Station
-Virtualization Station (For TVS & TS-x79 series)

[Enhancements & Changes] 
-[Desktop] QTS desktop performance enhancement 
-[Backup] Support Mac OS X 10.9 Time Machine backup 
-[Shared Folder] The USB shared folder can now be removed. 
-Updated the NTP service to 4.2.7p26 (CVE-2013-5211 & VU#348126). 
-[Multimedia Management] The Recording and Web shared folders will not be scanned by default for multimedia applications. 
-Updated the LAN driver (for TS-x59, x69, x10, x12, x19, x20, x21 models) for improved network connection quality. 
-[System] Supports sleep mode (TS-x69L, x69 Pro, x70, x70 Pro series only). 
-[General Settings] Added the Nepal time zone. 
-[External Device] Ability to recognize and set volume labels (TS-x69, x70, x79 series only). 
-[Wi-Fi adapters] Supports new USB Wi-Fi adapters: netis WF-2111 & WF2120 and SAPIDO AU-4912, 4512S. 
-[Storage Manager] Removed the option to format internal drives into the EXT3 file system. 

App Center:
-Added the My Licenses category for license management. 
-Added the Public Apps category. Shortcuts of the apps in this category will show up on the photo-wall login screen. 

Photo Station 4.0: 
-Support Photo Wall for QTS login screen 
-Support Smart album 
-Support Facebook accounts login 
-Added Sharing history 
-Support Google Map with multi geo locations 
-Folder can be saved as album 

Music Station: 
– Support USB DAC 

Download Station 4.0: 
-Support proxy server 
-Remove Rapidshare support 
-Remove ISOhunt search site 

Media Library: 
-Separate into media management and transcoding management
-Support folder monitoring for ongoing transcoding
-Support multiple volumes
-Support sub folders
-All shares are added by default

-Support user privilege
-Support DSD audio format
-Support CUE indexing file for APE and FLAC audio format
-Support video online transcoding (x70,x51) 

File Station:
-Enhanced sharing wizard
-Keyboard hot key support
-Upload support via sharing link
-Background task
-Media viewer
-VLC player streaming support
-Smart filter
-Non-admin users can now share download links
-Support video transcoding

-Performance enhancement
-Support version control

-Brand new portal with easy file access

Surveillance Station 5:
-Monitoring page
A.Interactive control buttons replaces the previously-fixed PTZ control panel
B.Instant playback to check suspicious events of a camera channel you just missed
C.Same-screen IP camera configuration (without leaving the monitoring page)

-Playback page
A.Playback and speed control with shuttle bar
B.Preview videos with thumbnails
C.Zoom in for greater detail
D.Supports low bandwidth mode
E.Extract video for export with different resolutions supported
-Provides 2/4 free recording channels (varies by model)
-Smart recording for specific cameras
-New cameras support

[Major Bugs Fixed]
-Unable to open PSD files if they are uploaded through AFP.
-Losing connection to NAS when creating Q-RAID 1.
-NAS may be unresponsive after HD Station installation.
-Unable to restart the system after virus scanning jobs are finished.
-Scheduled power on fails after the NAS is powered off by scheduled.
-Improve the TS-x69L/Pro XBMC tearing symptom.
-Wi-Fi password now allows all ASCII characters except the double quote („)
-When the disk volume is full, the user cannot access data via samba/afp protocol.
-After encrypting the disk and rebooting the NAS, the Home Folder is inaccessible after decryption. 
-The Seagate Backup Plus STDR1000201 cannot be detected by the TS-559 Pro II.
-The Disk Health showing an abnormal SMART value for item 196 Reallocated Block Count for Crucial M500 SSDs.
-Fixed TLS Heartbleed Extension OpenSSL vulnerabilities by recompiling OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160)
-ARM-based models may reboot unexpectedly. 
-Windows 8.1 reports „Size on disk“ as unusually large value
-After disk volume is full, SMB/AFP cannot connect to access data
-Occasionally fails to correctly save Adobe Illustrator AI files if saved using AFP.
Selbstverständlich haben wir auch dieses Release umgehend auf unserem QNAP TS-239 Pro II installiert.

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