QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP veröffentlicht QTS 4.1.0 Build0504 (RC3)

QNAP veröffentlicht QTS 4.1.0 Build0504 (RC3), mit welcher sich folgende Änderungen / Neuerungen ergeben:

[Change Log]
– Wi-Fi password now allows all ASCII characters except the double quote („)
– When the disk volume is full, the user cannot access data via samba/afp protocol.
– SSDs not being listed in the „Create SSD cache“ page.
– After encrypting the disk and rebooting the NAS, the Home Folder is inaccessible after decryption. 
– After enabling SNMP & trunk, the trunk port speed is incorrect when using the MIB browser to check it.
– The Media library fails to scan certain photos. 
– After switching from legacy volume (md0) to LVM volume (cachedev1), some .conf files still point to MD0_DATA.
– In Music Station, there are some errors in Swedish.
– The 10GbE card interface shows as (1 GbE) instead of (10GbE).
– The Seagate Backup Plus STDR1000201 cannot be detected by the TS-559 Pro II.
– USB folders in the share folder for TS-419 Pro cannot be removed.
– The Disk Health showing an abnormal SMART value for item 196 Reallocated Block Count for Crucial M500 SSDs.
– Minor bug fixes

1. QNAP SMI-S Provider 1.1.0304
[Change log]
New – Supports of Windows 2012 R2
New – Supports of SCVMM 2012 R2
New – Supports QTS 4.1
Fixed – Authentication failed if password larger than 8 characters.

2. QNAP vSphere Client Plug-in 1.3.1510
[Change log]
New – Supports QTS 4.1.
New – Support to create a NFS datastore on a pool.
Fixed – Reduce the number of login failed messages.
Fixed – Set credentials didn’t allow to change the TCP port
Fixed – Storage Pool free capacity wrongly reported in some cases
Fixed – Thin Provisioning Size couldn’t be displayed over 147456 GB

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