QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP QTS 4.0.3 build0912

QNAP hat am 24. September 2013 ein neues Firmwarerelease QTS 4.0.3 build0912 für unseren QNAP TS-239 Pro II veröffentlicht, welches wir soeben erfolgreich installieren konnten.

Folgende Änderungen / Neuerungen ergeben sich mit QTS 4.0.3 build0912:

[Change log]
– App Center GUI minor enhancement.
– User/group/share creation wizards are simplified.
– AFP component is upgraded.
– [TS-269] Smart FAN enhancement for TS-269 series.
– [TS-x69] Updated the TS-x69 Pro/L BIOS. So, the fan does not operate at a high speed as the NAS boots up.

Major Bug Fixes:
– [File Station] The access right settings for guest users could not be applied successfully.
– [File Station] If a shared subfolder name contains a blank space, the folder cannot be accessed via URL Sharing.
– [File Station] Non-admin users could add transcoding task for some media types.
– [File Station] If the parent folder name contains ‚&‘ character, the compressed file for multiple-file download could become 0 byte.
– [File Station] Drag-n-drop a zip file less than 100KB from computer desktop would fail.
– [Backup Station] Rsync backup wizard could not display the folder if the remote server’s folder name contains „global“ string.
– [Backup Station] If the job name already exisits in either NAS to NAS or Rsync backup, the newly added task would not function.
– [System] RAID volume creation might fail if using certain SSDs or 4TB drives.
– [System] The web administration could be accessed via port 58080.
– [Notification] The builtin Outlook.com and Hotmail services are now removed.
– [Download Station] Certain RSS feed provider could not be supported.

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