QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP Firmwareupdate auf 3.8.2 Build0301

QNAP hat am 06. März 2013 das Release 3.8.2 build0301 der Firmware für Intel-based x86 NAS veröffentlicht, welches wir soeben auf unserem QNAP TS-239 Pro II installiert haben.

Folgende Änderungen / Neuerungen ergeben sich mit diesem Update:

– VMware VAAI support for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series
– VMware vSphere Client Plugin support for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series
– Windows Server 2012 Compatibility Certification for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series
– Amazon S3 cloud storage now supports objects greater than 2 GB
– AFP upgraded and data transfer performance enhancement on small files
– [x86] Kernel upgrade to 3.4.6 for the TS-x79, x70U, x59, x39, 509, 809, and SS-x39 series
– Updated Gigabit Ethernet drivers for the TS-x79 and x69 series
– PowerWalker USB UPS support (refer to the UPS compatibility list on the website for specific models)
– HDD Health now displays I/O history for the diagnostics
– Wireless LAN IP is displayed on LCD-equipped models
– Auto port-mapping support for multiple NAS setup in the Auto Router Configuration (connected via MyCloudNAS.com)
– Remote Replication UI enhancements
– Improvements to HFS+ compatibility
– UPnP Network Discovery security enhancements
– Fixed upload error in case of destination folder name containing ‚&‘ in the Web File Manager
– Fixed non-stop media library scanning if the Music Station is disabled or changed to manual scanning
– For the Music Station, the finish time is added in the media library scanning schedule

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