QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP Firmware 3.7.3 Build0801 veröffentlicht

Nachdem es nach der Veröffentlichung des letzten Releases zu einigen Problemen gekommen ist, hat QNAP am vergangenen Freitag eine neue Firmware 3.7.3 Build0801 mit einigen Enhancements & Major Bug Fixes veröffentlicht.

[What’s New]
– None

– [ARM] Upgrades to PHP 5.3.14
– [ARM] Improves NTFS external drive compatibility

[Major Bug Fixes]
– Fixed OS X Mountain Lion Time Machine backup compatibility issue
– NAS may not be able to recognize some HFS+ external drives formatted by Mac OS X
– Change Date/Time format to DD-MM-YYYY could cause LDAP Server user creation to fail
– Cancel the operation during file extraction in Web File Manager would cause unresponsive UI
– [ARM] User Home Folders may not work properly in some conditions
– [ARM] Improved the security for web administration login session (cross-site scripting vulnerability)
– [ARM] Invisible “Manage Album” button for administrators (only the “admin” user could see it)

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