QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP Firmware 3.6.1 Build 302 erschienen

Heute ist die neue QNAP Firmware 3.6.1 Build 302 erschienen. Diese Firmware haben wir selbstverständlich auch sofort auf unserem QNAP TS-239 Pro II installiert.

Und hier noch schnell die Änderungen / Neuerungen in diesem Release:

[What’s New?]

– None

– Web File Manager supports multiple file upload in HTTPS
– Disk reordering is supported in the same RAID configuration

[Major Bug Fixes]
– [External Storage Device] Format the external drive with encryption could fail with USB 3.0 port connection.
– [Port Trunking] DHCP Server did not function in Port Trunking mode.
– [Port Trunking] In 802.3ad, NAS could not obtain a valid DHCP IP address when switches to another subnet.
– [Music Station]Playback status could not be displayed correctly in Local Playback mode when user uses the One Touch Copy button.
– [Web File Manager] If the NAS was joined to an AD domain, domain user groups became the local user groups in access right configuration of shared folders.
– [Surveillance Station] Vivotek IP 7330 was missing from the supported camera list.
– [Live Update] NAS might become unresponsive after firmware live update.
– [WebDAV] WebDav permission was incorrect when share folder was assigned to a user group.

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