QNAP TS-239 Pro II

QNAP Firmware 3.6.0 ist da!

Für den ein oder anderen geht ein lang ersehnter Wunsch in Erfüllung: QNAP veröffentlicht die Firmware Version 3.6.0.

Auch wir haben diese soeben auf unserem QNAP TS-239 Pro II installiert.

[What’s New?]
– VPN Service (with PPTP and OpenVPN services)
– LDAP Server
– Photo Station
– Music Station
1. Web streaming
2. USB speaker/sound card support for local playback
3. Support QMobile Music Remote
– QPKG Center with revamped UI for easy online installation
– MyCloudNAS 1.2
1. Email invitation and password reset functions
2. Support MyCloudNAS Connect Windows utility for remote access
– Enhanced Web File Manager
1. Public file sharing link with expiration time and password protection
2. Advanced upload function for over 2GB file
– Support Storage Plug & Play via QNAP Finder for Windows (requires QNAP Finder v3.5.0.209 or later)

– Added RTRR & Rsync bandwidth control
– Updated the built-in UPnP TwonkyServer to 6.0.38
– Added „EC“ to TS-EC879-U-RP & TS-EC1279U-RP’s model names
– Added Surveillance Station camera support for the following new IP cameras:
ACTi ACM-1231/ 1232, ACM-4200/ 4201, ACM-5601/ 5611, ACM-8201/ 8211, ACM-8511, TCM-4301; AXIS 214 PTZ/ 215 PTZ(-E), 241S, M1054, M5013, M5014; Brickcom CB-100Ae, CB-100Ap, CB-102Ap, FB-100Ae, FB-100Ap, FB-130Ap, FB-300Ap, FD-100Ae, FD-100Ap, FD-130Ae, FD-130Ap, MD-100Ap, OB-100Ap, OSD-040D/E, PZ-040D/E, VD-100Ap, VD-130Ae, VD-130Ap, WCB-100AP, WFB-100Ae, WFB-100Ap; D-Link DCS-942L; iPUX ICS-2230; LevelOne FCS-3061; Linksys WVC54GCA; Panasonic BB-HCM705, BB-HCM715/ 735, BL-C1, BL-C10, BL-C20, BL-C30(K1), BL-C131, BB-HCM371, BB-HCM311, BB-HCM331, BB-HCM381, BB-HCM403; TOSHIBA IK-WB21A; VIVOTEK FD7131, IP7131/ 7132, IP7133/ 7134, IP7135/ 7137, PT7135/ 7137, IP7138/ 7139, IP7142, PZ7151/ 7152, IP7160/ 7161, IP7361, MD7530, MD7560, SD8111/SD8121 FD8133, FD8134, IP8151, IP8161, FD8161, IP8162, IP8330, FD8361, FD8362, IP8362.

[Bug Fixes]
– [Surveillance] Fixed the recording issue in Surveillance Station when TS-1279U is installed with twelve 3TB HDDs
– [Resource Monitor] Fixed the incorrect reporting of Hyper-Threading support in Resource Monitor
– HDD standby mode will be interruptted daily by UPnP router port forwarding service.
– Fixed the file system not clean issue caused by Samsung HD204UI
– Fix abnormal reboot issue when the system resumes from hard disk standby mode with Seagate ST2000NM0011 for TS-x79 series

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